Pleasure Practice

Business Edition

Join a 90-day group coaching community dedicated to intentionally incorporating pleasure, inclusivity, and equity work into growing your business.

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Pleasure Practice invites both new and established entrepreneurs into an intimate community space (3-10 people), over 90 days, where they will learn how to incorporate pleasure and ethical business values into their own content and brand through live video sessions, skill-building webinars, worksheets, and peer educational opportunities (because we all have something to offer one another).

What would it look like to incorporate pleasure and ethical business values in how we plan and grow our businesses AND in how we brand ourselves when working with clients?

What's Included?

Personalized Content
While we will definitely cover inclusivity and equity practices, as well as ways our personal connections to pleasure related myths may be holding us back, each cohort will determine most of the topics they want covered given their existing knowledge base and interests. This space is literally made for you!

2 Live Video Meetings/Month & Worksheets
One video meeting focused on business growth and development & one focused on personal exploration of pleasure, values, and equity exercises. Worksheets, prompts, and resources will be shared related to chosen topics.

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Shared Community Space
For communicating between video sessions & where resources will be shared. Members will be encouraged to communicate regularly about successes, obstacles, and general questions to nurture community & growth.
Inspired by Women of Color Entrepenuer Revolution & Luna Dietrich

Community Learning Exchange
We are all experts of our own experiences and also always learning. Members will be invited to share skills and practices through mini-webinars and/or resource sheet development.
Inspired by Org-Gasm Retreat

Bonus 30 min One-on-One Coaching Session
with Yael R Rosenstock Gonzalez. Second 30 min session for anyone who pays in one installment!

Cost (sliding scale)

Abundance: $350/month ($1050 total)
30% will be used for scholarships
Supporting: $300/month ($900 total)
Welcomed: $250/month ($750 total)

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About the Creator
Yael R Rosenstock Gonzalez

I'm a pleasure activist who centers identity work and values lived experience as expertise because we, as members of our communities, are the best equipped to inspire change.

Throughout my career I have been interested in identity, inclusivity, representation, and sexuality but it took me about 10 years to realize that almost everything I was doing, however random it appeared, was working towards a common goal. I unapologetically demand a world where people feel valued, validated, seen, and pleasure - in all its forms - is recognized as a right. It was liberating to reject the notion that I had to pick one thing - I am 3D and so is my work.

As a creative doer with a love of details, I envision the impact I will inspire and am able to see the steps required to get there. Along my 15 years as a workshop developer, faciliator, coach, and educator, I've realized that one of my abilities towards that goal is brainstorming roadmaps with and for others.

Clients come to me with their initial ideas and I support them in creating plans of action, but more importantly, with identifying their values, vision, mission, and in opening up possibilities. Also in recognizing that they are worthy and deserving of not only following their dreams but doing so in a way that is pleasurable, joyful, and supported.

While one-on-one coaching is beautiful, I value community spaces where all voices present can offer the gift of their expertise. Pleasure Practice: Business Edition, is a one of those spaces.

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Yael is a quick thinking, idea creating biz whiz! I met with her to have a more general conversation, and in the midst of it she was able to give me a perspective on my business that I didn't even know I needed. She came up with 3 alternate pathways I could possibly take, listened well enough to understand where I have an idea of going, and mentioned stops I might want to explore along that pathway, and also provided me reassurance that doing things the traditional “business” way doesn’t have to be the path I take. I can create a path that combines all my passions, position them separately to serve my audiences, be authentic to who I am, and not have to lose that because of traditional business rules. If you are looking for a coach who will listen, has great instincts, and can help lift you out of the fog, Yael is your coach!
Brittani Sterling, Business Coaching

Yael really inspired me to push myself through the challenges of starting my own business and getting my book published. I took her advice and I am very excited to see the outcome. I am grateful for our conversation, her insight and encouragement. Thank you for all the information you provided me with.
Tameka Ridley, Publishing Coaching

Yael is exceptionally knowledgeable about sex, relationships, and everything in between. She delivers the information in an engaging, accessible, and equitable way. Whether you are looking to start your journey towards sexual realization or enhance it, Yael's workshops are a must.
CR, Workshop Attendee

The discussion on critical consumers was surprising to me. I have never had a course where it was our task to question the book. It was meaningful to be able to make our class more inclusive and add resources we thought represented us well.
Aunika Crowley-Stallings, Human Sexuality Course

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